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Professional magician Andy Field can supply outstanding and entertaining magic for your Southend-on-Sea wedding, party or corporate event. His marvellous magic skills have been used for the BBC drama “Hustle” and he has been S.A.M.S. Close up Magic Champion twice.

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Interactively beautiful close up magic for weddings and birthday parties.

Experienced magical entertainer and Showman Andy is available for hire.

Previous S.A.M.S. Champion of Up Close Magic.

Magician in Southend-on-Sea Close up Magic.

Powerful magic! Always presented with heart and humour.

Walk about magic specifically designed to create laughter and memories!

“Get the ice broken” at your Southend-On-Sea wedding or party!

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Original and unimaginable sleight of hand. Highly effective and extremely clever conjuring! In short he is the perfect “Ice breaker!”

Magician In Southend-On-Sea Weddings

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Exceptional walk about magic for your Southend-On-Sea wedding!

To begin with picture the scene at your Southend-on-Sea wedding. For instance all your family and friends are there to share your special day.  However there is a little down time. Actually this is a golden moment of opportunity to have your guests entertained!

Enter your personal Southend-on-Sea wedding magician Andy Field! In fact he is just the showman to mix and mingle with your wedding attendees. To make your special day even more memorable for your guests!

As a result Illusionist Andy’s sleight of hand magic will draw your guests in. Plus it will keep them there in a curious grip. Until his sleight of hand illusions reach their amazing climax!

Southend-On-Sea Wedding Magic 

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  • The Photograph shoot – Perfect for walk about magic.
  • Around the tables at the wedding breakfast – Table top magic.
  • Room preparations – Mix and mingle magic.
  • At the drink reception – Sleight of hand magic.
  • The evening reception – Ice breaking magic for everyone.

Magician in Southend-On-Sea Wedding Hire

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Unpredictable and entertaining close up magic

Unpredictable and definitely entertaining walk around magic!

Overall all weddings have pretty chair decorations and napkins. Although important these will not be forever remembered.

However Andy’s magic will. How many times in their lives will your guests have seen a pure showman read their minds? Especially with mentalism magic? Or create money from nothing. How about perform impossible feats of sleight of hand right within touching distance?

To be sure not very often! These miracles will have a strong impact on your guests. In fact they will be amazed and enthralled. About all entertained!

In short a fantastic atmosphere is sure to grow bigger! Just what your Southend-On-Sea wedding deserves!

Southend-On-Sea Birthday Party Entertainment For Hire

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Impressive walk around magic for your event.

Andy’s magic is full of heart and impressively entertaining!

Usually large events such as Southend-on-Sea birthday parties generally have a large number of guests. As a result your family and friends will need food and drink. What is more they will also need entertaining!

Create a marvellous atmosphere. One in which they can relax and feel at home in is what helps create a fantastic atmosphere for your event!

You see Andy’s goal it to leave his audience feeling that they have met an incredible magical performer. Plus an illusionist who can create outstanding miracles. Most of  which they will remember forever!

Magician in Southend-On-Sea Reviews / Recommendations

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Interactively beautiful magic for your event.

Heart warming magic to impress your Southend-On-Sea wedding or party guests each and every time!

Over and over without a pause Andy’s former wedding and party clients will recommend him for your event in a heartbeat!

Read what people have to say about Southend-On-Sea wedding magician Andy and his amazing close up magic tricks.

As you will see Andy’s act has been reviewed as being absolutely amazing. In short his magic hits home. Combined with his playful and engaging presentations. Due to this he will bring a wow factor to your event!

Magician in Southend-On-Sea Price

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If Southend-on-Sea party conjurer Andy is performing his atmosphere creating walk around magic at your wedding or birthday party, then his performance time is usually determined by numbers of guests.

Generally ten minutes per 5 to 6 people is normal but this is a tangible estimate.

Each Southend-on-Sea wedding or birthday party will be different. So you may wish to receive an accurate quote. In this case it is best to email us with your event details for a quick and definitive price.

Remember at the end of the day you are paying for Andy’s skill and knowledge. Plus his showmanship and experience. His travel costs are minimal.

Magician in Southend-On-Sea Birthday Party Entertainer

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Magic that packs a punch!

Southend on Sea birthday party magic that packs a punch!

Overall Andy’s act is suitable for any ages and for any events. In short a family show. Over the years he has performed at weddings and wedding anniversaries. Plus birthday parties and corporate events. Not forgetting VIP and other similar functions.

Illusionist Andy will even supply sleight of hand for bespoke events such as private dinner parties. Plus golf events and  shop openings. Then there are gala events and house parties. Plus university balls.

Magician in Southend-On-Sea Table Top Magic

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Table top magic to make your eyes pop open!

Trickster Andy is coming over to deceive and lie to you. Nicely of course!

Southend-on-Sea Wedding Magician Andy has powerful sleight of hand skills. These are combined with experienced showmanship.

He will use this knowledge at your wedding or party. This is to ensure your family or friends receive top drawer entertainment. By and large why settle for second best?

To begin with maybe the gentlemen would love to see some poker cheating card demonstrations. Perhaps the ladies would like their minds read. So let Andy make a connection with them.

Surely the Bride and Groom would like a little romance with their magic? Everyone loves comedy. Whatever your guests need Andy can deliver. In fact he can mix and mingle with your gathering as easy as walking in a park.

Magician in Southend-On-Sea Close Up Magic

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Sharp and dexterous sleight of hand for your Southend-On-Sea event!

Imagine at your Southend-On-Sea wedding or birthday party conjurer Andy has all your guests excited and spellbound with his magic! In short Andy’s close up magic is very captivating. Plus naturally addictive!

He will use his trick hands and thousands of hours of experience to conjure with a multitude of household items. Unbelievable close up magic indeed!

Objects such as pens, coins, playing cards, banknotes and similar pocket items are all used. Just try not to blink! Everything happens in the drop of a hat!

Magician Andy is also known as “The Money Magician!” He knows illusions like this are very popular with many audiences. The trickster himself has a multitude of money magic ready and waiting to perform!

Southend-On-Sea Charity Party Events / Fundraising

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An addictive cocktail of close up magic!

Sleigh of hand without card tricks for variety and interest!

As a fundraiser you may be tempted to try and hire a cheap magician. Or obtain one for free. In short try and refrain from doing this. Your Southend on Sea charity event must not run the slightest risk of being let down.

You could end up giving your VIP clients a cheap act that may even let you down at the last minute. Especially if the artist gets offered a paid booking over your event.

Much better would be to come and talk to Andy and see if a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached.

Under these circumstances you will definitely secure a professional, experienced and reliable party magician.

Corporate Magician in Southend-On-Sea

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Impossible mind reading skills demonstrated AndyClose up magic and mind reading for your Southend-On-Sea corporate night.

Sleight of hand entertainer Andy offers a premier act for corporate events. Actually this service is the same as for any other event.

Powerful sleight of hand mixed with amalgamated and engaging showmanship. Overall  to ensure your guests leave your event with wonderful memories. Plus feelings of top night out!

Close up magic featuring card tricks and sleight of hand can be performed around your dinner tables or as a walk about set.  Just bear the word flexible in mind if you have any special requests for Andy.

Southend-On-Sea Magic Tuition / Lessons / Teacher

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In general magician prices for tuition vary. The reason for this is that you are receiving a lot of knowledge and information for your fee.

In short Andy can teach the simplest card trick. Or explain how to construct a professional magic act. Advice hints and tips and many years of experience can be passed on to a student.

For more details about magic lessons in Southend-On-Sea please check here.


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Magician Southend On Sea Christmas party's

Magician Andy and his “Tricky Fingers” for Southend On Sea Christmas parties!

Just remember Andy and his trick fingers can manipulate any object you can name. Coins and money. Then finger rings and playing cards.

In fact he can even give the illusion of being able to read minds! His magic is interactive and perfect for all ages.

Above all incredible tricks combined with a sharp personality. As a result an excellent experience for your party goers. 


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Southend On Sea magician prices and fees.


Please fill out Andy’s contact form. This way he will know what you are trying to accomplish. Then he will be able to supply a quote and some suggestions for your event.


Andy’s magic works to entertain your guests at any event. Some of the benefits include breaking the ice for your guests and create a tremendous atmosphere. Andy can provide performances while walking around or visiting tables.


Andy supplies professional close up magic and mind reading. These are not the kind of tricks you will find inside a Christmas cracker. These are powerful and entertaining illusions that have taken a very long time to bring to perfection.

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Contact Andy Field today and prepare to be amazed.