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Professional magician in Chepstow who is available for weddings, parties and events. One of the top local entertainers.

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Magician For Weddings

Professional magician Andy Field is a master of sleight-of-hand magic. Using regular cards but “trick hands” he will perform magic card illusions of world class status that are simply outstanding right under the noses of your soon to be stunned guests!

Using slick and polished magical sleight-of-hand skills of twenty years combined with his powerful and thoroughly entertaining presentations he will give the audience of any wedding, party or event a magic performance they will not forget!

After welcoming and relaxing your guests with some ice breaking close up magic he will then take them on a roller coaster ride of thrilling emotions starting from fun and amazement and ending up leaving them with a feeling of pure euphoria! Your guests will be left speechless with amazement due to Andy Field’s amazing and jaw dropping close up magic sleight-of-hand skills! 



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Magician For Parties in Chepstow

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Andy is a full time professional sleight of hand magic expert. He has been S.A.M’s Magic Champion twice and is also a magic and technical adviser on television programs as well as a professional wedding and party magician.

Wedding and party magician Andy Field performs magic all around the UK. He is the people’s choice for weddings, parties and events. Using just a normal deck of cards, but his trick hands, he will perform some of the world’s most breathtaking magic illusions right under your nose!

However, be under no illusion, these are not the kind of magic card demonstrations you would have seen your uncle perform when you were younger. Some of Andy Field’s routines have taken months, even years to perfect. To this day Andy must still practice two hours a day to maintain his high standard of card mastery.

Close Up Magician Shows

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Using professional magician Andy Field is a popular and great way to entertain your guests during your wedding celebrations. Using close up magic Andy can entertain your guests in ways that other performers can not.

He is flexible and can move around freely to different areas or any location. Andy can attract large groups of people or can entertain one on one. This flexibility also enables him to entertain at moments of your wedding where their are natural lulls such as during the photos session, the wedding breakfast, the reception or any other appropriate moments including room changes or turnarounds. Andy can also start and stop performing at a moments notice.

Restaurant Magician in North East Somerset.

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Diners will come to your restaurant expecting a great night consisting of marvellous food and a great atmosphere.

Magician Andy Field can definitely enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant. Using normal cards, but his trick hands, he will entertain and impress you clientele beyond belief with his magical skills. By ensuring your customers have a great time there is no way they will be able to resist the temptation to return to your restaurant next time they choose to dine out, perhaps even bringing their friends along next time for the marvellous fun too.

party magicAndy has entertained at weddings in Chepstow during the photo calls, drink receptions, room changes and the wedding breakfast. Andy’s style is playful, relaxing yet confident and always entertaining. If you are wanting a brilliant, cool and entertaining magician then please check out Andy’s promotional Video and feel the magic and experience from one of YouTube’s most popular street and close up magicians.

Using professional magician Andy Field to entertain your guests is perfect if you need your customers to be entertained while they wait for a table, their meal, their drinks, or any unexpected delays in service. Using a professional magician is an absolute winning decision if you are entertaining a party celebration such as a birthday or anniversary.

All these wonderful entertainment extras can be supplied at a very competitive rate too. The customers always ask Andy for his business card for private events so it is indeed a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the restaurant and magician.


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Dear Andy, Please accept our sincere gratitude for your magic performances on our wedding day.  Your performance during the wedding photos and evening reception blended in so well. We saw how our friends were laughing and joking with you and how much fun they were having.  Thank you for our Polo mints.  We have kept them nice and safe.  How on earth did you manage to link them together in our hands?

 Kim Gareth Mitchell – Chepstow

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