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Professional close up magician in Derbyshire available for weddings, parties and events in Derby & Matlock, Chesterfield, Buxton, Glossop and Bakewell.

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Andy can perform at you Derby & Derbyshire wedding using his close up magic to engage with your guests.

He can keep them thoroughly entertained during any down time moments at your wedding such as during the photo call, in between the wedding breakfast servings or the start of the evening reception.

Wedding magician Derbyshire

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Sheffield wedding magician Andy Field

Andy can mix and mingle raising your wedding atmosphere using his years of experience professionally and appropriately any time, any place any where.

Andy Field is in great demand as a magical party entertainer.  Let him break the ice at your next party too and get your guests bonding and laughing together.  Let your party stand aside from all the others and be the talk of Derby!

Andy has also amazed people with his sleight of hand at anniversary parties, Balls, Banquets, Birthdays, Parties, Weddings and corporate events.

Magician For Weddings In Derby

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Professional magician Andy Field is a master of sleight-of-hand magic. Using regular cards but “trick hands” he will perform magic card illusions of world class status that are simply outstanding right under the noses of your soon to be stunned guests!

Using slick and polished magical sleight-of-hand skills of twenty years combined with his powerful and thoroughly entertaining presentations he will give the audience of any wedding, party or event a magic performance they will not forget!

After welcoming and relaxing your guests with some ice breaking close up magic he will then take them on a rollercoaster ride of thrilling emotions starting from fun and amazement and ending up leaving them with a feeling of pure euphoria! Your guests will be left speechless with amazement due to Andy Field’s amazing and jaw dropping close up magic sleight-of-hand skills! Magic that’s once seen and never forgotten!

Magician For Parties in Derbyshire

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Andy is a full time professional sleight of hand magician. He has been S.A.M’s Magic Champion twice and is also a magic and technical advisor on television programs as well as a professional wedding and party magician.

Wedding and party magician Andy Field performs magic all around the UK. He is the people’s choice for weddings, parties and events. Using just a normal deck of cards, but his trick hands, he will perform some of the world’s most breathtaking magic illusions right under your nose!

However, be under no illusion, these are not the kind of magic card demonstrations you would have seen your uncle perform when you were younger. Some of Andy Field’s routines have taken months, even years to perfect. To this day Andy must still practice two hours a day to maintain his high standard of card mastery.

Magician For Parties in Derby

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Andy has Five Million YouTube Views

Close Up Magic Tutoring In Derbyshire

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Are you looking to learn or to improve your magic? If so then Andy Field could be the magical mentor and coach you are looking for.

Andy himself has been mentored and coached by some of the worlds best card magicians and can now pass this precious information onto any of his students in a clear and concise way.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or average magician Andy can help you to improve and motivate you in the direction you wish to progress.

Close Up Magic Shows in Derby, Matlock, Chesterfield, Buxton, Glossop and Bakewell

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Using professional illusionist Andy Field is a popular and great way to entertain your guests during your wedding celebrations.

Using close up magic Andy can entertain your guests in ways that other performers can not. He is flexible and can move around freely to different areas or any location.

Andy can attract large groups of people or can entertain one on one. This flexibility also enables him to entertain at moments of your wedding where their are natural lulls such as during the photos session, the wedding breakfast, the reception or any other appropriate moments including room changes or turnarounds. Andy can also start and stop performing at a moments notice.


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Hi Andy Field. Thank you so much for the entertainment you provided during our wedding breakfast and for visiting our head table.  You caused a big stir!  After you left we talked about you but no one had a clue how you did it!  I am so pleased we managed to film a few tricks so I can show friends that were not able to attend. Michael has asked me to ask you how you pulled that rabbit out of a baseball cap! Amazing!  All our love

Sam and Phil Howe, Jurys Inn Derby

Hello Andy, Trudy and I would like to express our gratitude to you for entertaining our guests during our drinks reception. We had a lot of positive comment about you and we know that some of our family are very hard to please! Thank you for the video you made for us.  We will post it onto our face book page for our family to see. 

Trudy and Michael Potter – Ringwood Hall Hotel in Derby

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