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Coventry wedding magician Andy Field is a professional wedding, party and corporate magician based close by to the city of Coventry.

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Coventry Magician For Weddings

Professional Coventry wedding and birthday party magician Andy Field.

A down to earth persona combined with richly satisfying magic!

His wedding and party magic will have your guests laughing and bewildered both at the same time!

He has a playful and engaging personality complete with all the sleight of hand skills to match. His act is strong, entertaining and original!

He is committed to making your Coventry wedding, party or event as much of a success as you are!

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Atmospheric and extremely clever magic. Andy pushes a signed card into a solid bottle and instantly hands it out for inspection.

Facebook Reviews

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Andy is a very popular and experienced magician. You can read what previous clients have to say regarding his magic services on his Facebook review page.


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Please send all enquires to

Magician In Coventry Wedding Magic

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Coventry magician Close up MagicWizard Andy is also very experienced at interacting with people from all walks of life.  He can make them feel very welcome, happy and relaxed.  This is important for any wedding, party or corporate event.  Consider that a good atmosphere is conducive to a success full event.

His walk around close up magic is very strong and original.  Much of his sleight of hand illusions are original and unexpected.

During his act you will see him use playing cards and coins.  However, to add variety and flavour to his act he also uses paper money, jewellery, phones, rope, dice and also borrows personal effects from his audience.

Andy also supplies mind reading.  Would you like him to tell you a four digit number or the name of an old flame?

Andy’s magic skills have amassed over five million on line views.  You can see a selection of his magic featuring studio and live performances on his Facebook page

Magician In Coventry Magic Showreel

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Magician In Coventry Wedding Hire

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There is no doubt that Andy’s outstanding interlude of magical entertainment will amaze your guests.  Overall the only decision now is when to have him perform.

Magician In Coventry Close Up Magic

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Coventry wedding magician Andy FieldThis is a very good time to have Andy break the ice and walk around and mingle with your guests while performing!

Magician In Coventry Evening Reception

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Andy has performed all over Coventry at evening receptions or room changes.  This is also an ice breaker for both your day and evening guests so everyone has the benefit of witnessing Andy’s tricks!

Magician in Coventry Close up Magic / Corporate

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If you require a close up magician in Coventry at your corporate Christmas party then please get in touch. Let us know your requirements and Lisa or Andy will work with you to make your event a sure-fire success.

Magician Andy has manners and social skills to interact with your business colleagues with ease.

Magician In Coventry Table Top Magic

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Trickster Andy can also perform magic at each table during the food.  This way each table receives its own private performance.  He will only perform at moments when people are not trying to physically eat.

Andy would jump at the chance to entertain your family and friends at any special event or occasion. This also includes corporate events all well as Coventry birthday parties and weddings.

More of his videos are at his video page so go check them out!

If you wish to book them please do get in touch.  Andy would be delighted to hear from you.  If you have any special requests for your event then even better.

Magician In Coventry Birthday Party Hire

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Close up and interactive magic!

Magician in Coventry birthday party entertainment hire!

Making polo mints link together while being held in your guests hands is without question a brain melting trick!

What if those same polo mints then vanished and appeared inside a box held by another guest!

It is amazing close up magic illusions such as this that have made Andy a very popular Coventry birthday party magician to hire!

Professional magic that is both reliable and competitively priced to support your next Coventry birthday party!

Magician In Coventry Charity Fundraising Events

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magic to maximise the atmosphere at your Coventry event!

Andy’s magic can enhance the atmosphere of your charity function considerably!

Andy close up walk around magic will surely impress you Coventry charity event guests!

His custom illusions are made to connect perfectly with your guests. Overall his act is designed so that it can be incorporated into the flow of your evening.

Magic with playing cards and money. Sleight of hand with borrowed rings and mobile phones. Mind reading illusions for those who want an extra thrill!

Overall all that you could want is here. Simply get in touch and help Andy help you in arranging his close up magic for your next event in Coventry!


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Coventry Christmas Party Magician

Coventry Christmas parties with Magician Andy Field and his close up magic miracles!

Imagine hearing your guests laughing and clapping. Listen to them trying to explain what they have just witnessed!

Excited and amazed reactions are to be expected when you hire Andy for your Coventry Christmas party.

Twenty years of experience wrapped around magic, presentations and showmanship. Ready and waiting for your guests to experience!


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Costs and fees to hire Coventry magician Andy Field

It is all about providing a super service at a competitive price. Andy does not work out fees on travel distance or time.

He fee is based on the value he can bring to your wedding or birthday party celebrations. In short you are paying for his skills, experience, showmanship, popularity and reliability.

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“A great magician is not cheap. But a cheap magician is not great”.

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