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Professional close up magician available for weddings, parties and events in Hertfordshire

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Hertfordshire wedding magician Andy Field is a magical treat for your wedding or birthday party guests. This professional magician has a bag of tricks that is going to badly fool and entertain!

Previous S.A.M.S. Champion of Table Top / Close Up Magic

Magician Andy has a very strong repertoire of powerful illusions. In fact they are beautifully performed. They will enrapture and have witty presentations.

In short he is a showman. Plus a sleight of hand close up magician! Guaranteed to be a big hit at your Hertfordshire wedding or party!

With Andy performing close up table top magic at your wedding or birthday party your guests can have it all! 

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Andy pushes a signed playing card into a solid and sealed bottle. Then hands it out immediately for inspection. Powerful magic which hits home each and every time!

Magician in Hertfordshire Wedding Hire

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Hertfordshire close up table magician Andy also performs up and down the UK.

In fact in just five months alone he collected a total of over one hundred Facebook recommendations. These came from events such as weddings, corporate events, drink receptions and anniversaries.

Andy and his close up magic are extremely popular. His persona is reviewed as affable. His magic has been five star rated and described as “out of this world!” Andy’s presentations are modern, upbeat and enchanting. Relax, put up your feet and browse through his reviews

Magician in Hertfordshire Close up Magic

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As a magician Andy’s magic is very popular. His videos are online and can be viewed here. In fact they have been watched nearly six million times all over the world!  This figure grows daily!

Magician In Hertfordshire Wedding Entertainment

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Magician Andy has very strong feeling regarding his magical services. For example he wishes for each of your wedding guests to experience a marvellous time at your event. He cares as much as you do that everyone is happy and satisfied.

For this reason he has a three “E” belief. At every event he performs at he brings Expertise, Entertainment and Experience.

Hertfordshire close up magic wedding magician with bridesmaids

Magician in Hertfordshire / Table Top Magic / Experience & Showmanship

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In fact this is one secret he can reveal. How he creates a powerful impact with his magic. Twill leave a mark on your wedding and party guests. In fact they will remember for many years!

Magician Andy has spent years on learning how to deliver and present his magic to people. He does not just amaze them. He has a captivating personality that will leave your family and friends feeling happy, relaxed and energised! It must be real magic after all!

Magician In Hertfordshire Wedding Magic

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To begin with Andy’s magic will tickle your guest senses! They will see miracles. Hear gasps of amazement. Feel surprised. With some tricks they even feel the magic happen in their own hands.  Being able to make people experience moments like this is a gift. More importantly Andy exploits this for your advantage.

Magician Andy’s number one tip to any Bride and Groom would be to focus on their entertainment. If guests are really happy and having a super time then this will be felt so much in the atmosphere and make a huge difference to their day.

So versatile is his act that he can perform at virtually any point of your wedding or party. However, below are a few key moments when having an interlude of magic help keeps the mood flowing when it might slacken.

Photo Shoot

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This is a diamond opportunity for Andy to keep your guests occupied while you and your immediate family leave to have your pictures taken.

Drinks Receptions

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Would you like to hear cheers and loud applause from your guests and know that they are really having a great time at your wedding? Of course! This is an excellent time for an interlude of magic!

Evening Receptions

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This time of the day to have Andy perform has all the above benefits with two extra advantages. Firstly all both your day and evening guest will see Andy perform. Secondly having him perform at the beginning of your evening party will help kick the mood off in the right direction.

Gloucester wedding magician Andy Field

Magician in Hertfordshire Fee

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In short Andy’s feels that quality is always above quantity. His fee is not made up of travel expenses. In fact your quote will be on the following. He will be supplying his knowledge, showmanship and of course sleight of hand skills.

How to Book / Enquire

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Please initiate contact here. You will find that Andy or Lisa will be delighted to hear from you and will do their best to help you with your wedding or party enquiry.

Your wedding or party enquiry will be handled very quickly.

Hiring a Professional Hertfordshire Magician is An Investment

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If you have ever stood up in front of a group of people and had to talk publicly then you will know how nerve racking this can be!

Professional wedding magician Andy has to do more than this. Overall he has to engage, entertain, misdirect and fool his audience all at the same time. This is not easy to do and takes years to learn these skills to a proficient standard.

Always hire a professional for any important event such as a wedding or wedding anniversary. It pays dividends in the long term.

Magician in Hertfordshire / Corporate Hire

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If you are seeking an illusionist for your crucial corporate Christmas party then please get in touch.  Tell us all your requirements and we will ensure your event a tremendous success.

Andy has impeccable manners and will make your V.I.P. clients feel welcome and relaxed.

Magician In Hertfordshire Mind Reading Magic

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Magician Andy also practices the illusion of being able to pick thoughts out of people’s heads! This is also known as ESP or mind reading. Two acts for the price of one!

Secret thoughts can all be gently removed from your wedding or party guests. Such as bank note numbers, four digit pass codes for phone and names of loved ones!

Andy combines mind reading with his magic, a unique blend of the two arts entwined together.  There is nothing to fear. Andy does not claim to have supernatural powers. But if he did then it may look something like this!

Magician In Hertfordshire Christmas Party Magic

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Magician Hertfordshire Christmas party's

Magician Andy Field for Hertfordshire Christmas parties!

Andy’s close up magic for your Hertfordshire Christmas party. Contain skill, knowledge and experience.

All this will enhance what your family and friends will perceive! Trickster Andy fills his performances with energy and drive!

With this in mind sit back and relax. Watch Andy’s close up magic and experience the feel good factor! Merry Christmas!


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How much would it cost to hire Hertfordshire magician Andy Field?

The answer to this question is only obtainable after you have filled out Andy’s online enquiry form. The reason for this is that every event is bespoke and different.

Andy would like to give you the best price possible. In fact he certainly does not want to over charge.

As a general guide though it is worth point out that you are not paying for any travel expenses. You will be hiring Andy as an investment in your event. 

Therefore you are paying for his skill, showmanship, experience, knowledge and reliability.


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Hertfordshire magician prices and fees.


Andy is very lucky. He is one of the most reviewed magician online. His Facebook and Google reviews can be read on his website. Most of the reviews have been given from previous clients. The rest from people who have experienced his close up magic in person.


Andy has learnt from experience that no two shows are the same. Clients needs are different. The best thing is to fill out the enquiry form so that Andy can supply with a competitive quote.


Andy has three basic performance sets. The one he will suggest to you will depend on how many guests are in attendance at your wedding or party.

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Contact Andy Field today and prepare to be amazed.