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Professional close up magician available for weddings, parties and events in Reading, Bedford, Wokingham, Bracknell & Bedfordshire

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Bedford professional wedding magician Andy Field is excited and geared up ready to perform at your wedding, anniversary party or event!

Magician Bedford

Over one hundred Facebook recommendations

This confident and experienced young man has the presence and magic tricks required to have your wedding guest’s emotions doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out his mini miracles!

Stunning close up magic illusions specifically created to be performed right up close within touching distance of your guests! Entertainment and amazement come as standard!

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Bedford Magician Recommendations

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Can Bedford magician Andy Field can back up these claims! You bet! He has luckily gained over 100 Facebook reviews and endorsements from former clients.

You can be sure of hiring a fantastically experienced professional showman for your VIP event!

Facebook reviews here

Hire Fee and Costings

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As competitive as possible without compromising on the quality of the service you receive is the shortest answer.

Each wedding or birthday party booking has lots of variables which will determine its overall price. A similar analogy would be how much would a wedding caterer cost? It would depend how many covers were needed and other details.

Contact Andy. Both he and Lisa will help you with your free enquiry

Promotional Video

Andy Has 5 Million YouTube Views

Experience / Reliability

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As a professional magician entertaining people has become a multi-layered process of learning for Andy over the years. He wants your Bedford guests to experience the best.

Magician Andy is also very punctual and reliable. He has never failed to attend an engagement but should the worse happen his agent will secure another act for you in his place.

What Magic for Your Bedfordshire Wedding

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Magician Andy could make a powerful connection with your family and friends by creating a few ESP mind reading moments!

Or, he could captivate them with his engaging and smooth sleight of hand. Polo mints could link together in your own hands or borrowed rings can disappear and be recovered from impossible locations!

Bedford Magician Statistics

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  • 20 years of experience
  • 5,345,482 YouTube views
  • Over 100 Facebook recommendations
  • Former S.A.M.S. Champion of Close up Magic
  • BBC “Hustle” consultant

Why Hire Andy for Your Bedford Wedding

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Bedford magic man Andy will be host and represent you at your wedding or party event by entertaining your family and friends.  A strong audience relationship will be created.

Magician BathHe will stir very powerful and positive emotions within your guests. This in turn will allow them to relax and know that they are going to have a great time at your event which will conduce a very happy atmosphere.

This will assure that your big day or event will be long remembered by all who have attended!

Magician Andy’s presence will also allow for any contingency plans that may need to be implemented on the day. For example there may be a slight delay at your wedding. Andy can step in and keep everyone occupied with his sleight of hand magic.

Performance Slot Suggestions

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When would be a super time for magician Andy to mix and mingle with his magic and entertain at our Bedford event?

  • While the wedding photographer takes your wedding picture shots is a great opening for magician Andy to entertain your friends.
  • A spell of magical entertainment for your guests during drinks receptions will also be greatly appreciated.
  • Room changes leave your wedding guests to linger around to twiddle their thumbs. Do not let any lack of activity allow boredom to develop.
  • Break the ice at your evening reception. Andy’s magic will trigger conversation to strike up between your family and friends.


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Andy is a professional magician with many years of experience. He knows how to interact and mix with guests from all walks of life. His persona is captivating, charming and is a pure showman.

He is playful but will never be out of order while representing you if front of your business guests or family.

Bride and Groom Wedding Ring Magic

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This is one of Andy’s reputation making illusions. It is classic of close up magic but due to its degree of difficulty is not performed by many wedding magicians.

Bedfordshire close up magician

Andy will join the Bride and Groom. He will then take their wedding rings and a third finger ring from another party member such as the Bride’s mother. Then, at his fingertips he will link all three rings together!

Of course all three rings are separated and returned completely unharmed. This would make an interesting picture for your wedding photographer!

Bedford Magician / Corporate

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If you require a Bedford magician for your corporate Christmas party then please get in touch with Andy or Lisa. Let us know your requirements and we can work with you to make your event a super success.

Magician Andy has impeccable manners and will associate with your business colleagues with ease.

Bedford Magician Andy

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Andy’s presentation and style of magic comes from his own unique magical creations. His goal is to be original in his magic and to create beautiful moments that will delight and enthral any audience.

magician weddings bedfordshire

He does not copy other magicians and he is his own person. However it is perfectly fine to be influenced by other entertainers.

These days Andy’s act is influenced by one person he really admires, his father.

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